Conservation Tips

Listed below you will find tips on how you can participate in water conservation.

  • Check your sprinkler system zone by zone to make sure it is working properly and that you are not watering sidewalks, driveways or the street.  Repair any broken sprinkler heads, leaking pipes, hoses or faucets, and reposition sprinkler heads that are misaligned.
  • Water your lawn in the early morning or evening to avoid evaporation.
  • Keep your lawn mower blade height on the highest setting so that the blades of grass are two inches or more  which will keep the soil cooler.  Also, leave the clippings which help retain moisture.
  • Aerate and fertilize your lawn to keep the root system healthy.
  • Water trees and shrubs separately from your lawn since they should not need as much watering.
  • Add a layer of mulch around trees to reduce evaporation.
  • Plant native or drought-tolerant grass and plants that thrive with much less watering than other species.

Have a tip? Please let us know.